L-ink.me URL Shortening Service - Life Time Access


This is a special offer to get the L-ink.me Premium URL Shortening Service for Unlimited lifetime access for only 99$ Instead of paying 69.99$ each year.

You can check the Service here: https://l-ink.me/

L-ink.me URL Shortening Service helps you track your audience with simple and easy-to-remember yet powerful links and provide your customers with a unique tailored experience.

Price Comparison:

Bitly: 35$ Per Month Limited Account

Rebrandly: 499$ Per Month Premium Account

t2mio: 89$ per Per Month Premium Account

L-ink: 89$ Life Time Access!



  1. Custom Domains
  2. Bundles for URL Rotation
  3. Splash Screens
  4. Tracking Pixels
  5. Frame Link for URL Cloaking.

And Much more. Check out the demo.

Demo Access:

User: test@l-ink.me

password: 123456

This is just a demo, All Info is public and can be seen by anyone! And It will be deleted periodically.

Please if you have any questions, feel free to send a message to services@h-educate.com

*Important Note:  When you get this service, you will get a premium account with unlimited features and you will not pay anything later while the service is up and running. 

In case, an just in case! something unusual happened, that may force us to shut down the service, you will be notified 1 month before and we will help you migrate to any other service.

Rest assured that there are no plans or signs that we will shut down the service, in contrast, the service is up and hundreds of users are using it, even we at H-educate use this service.

But just to be clear and honest with you. you have to know this. Hope you the best!


I need an email you wanna register within L-ink Service.


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